Responsable du M1 IREF et du M2 EGR.

Thèmes de recherche

  • Complex systems in economics
  • Industry Dynamics
  • Economics of Innovation
  • Economic Growth
  • Learning
  • Industrial Organisation
  • Computational economics
  • Agent Based Models
  • Evolutionary modeling.


Publications récentes :

  • Yildizoglu M., M.-A. Sénégas, I. Salle and M. Zumpe, "Learning the optimal buffer-stock consumption rule of Carroll", Macroeconomic Dynamics, volume 18, issue 4, pp. 727-75, 2014
  • I. Salle, M. Yildizoglu, "Efficient Sampling and Metamodeling for Computational Economic Models", Computational Economics, Volume 44, Issue 4, pp 507-536, 2014
  • Salle I., Murat Yıldızoğlu, Marc-Alexandre Sénégas, Inflation targeting in a learning economy: an ABM perspective, Economic modelling, Volume 34, Pages 114–128, 2013
  • T. Vallée, M. Yildizoglu, "Can they beat the Cournot equilibrium? Learning with memory and convergence to equilibria in a Cournot oligopoly", Computational Economics, Volume 41 (4), Pages 493-516, 2013


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