M. Vincent FRIGANT

Professeur des Universités

Thèmes de recherche

  • Économie de l'innovation
  • Économie industrielle
  • Global Value Chain
  • Platform Economy


    • Économie de l'innovation


  • HAO, B., FENG, Y., FRIGANT, V. (2017) Rethinking the ‘mirroring’ hypothesis: implications for technological modularity, tacit coordination, and radical innovation, R&D Management, 47 (1), 3-16
  • FRIGANT, V. (2016) Why small enterprises can (still) operate at the top of the pyramid? Evidences and interstices’ theory in the automotive industry, Journal of Small Business Management, 54(3), 912-930
  • FRIGANT, V. (2015) Beyond the business case and sustainable chain management: Why do we need to build a theory of interfirm social responsibility?, M@n@gement, 18(3), 234-253.


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33608  Pessac

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