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M2 Economic affairs

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The program provides students with an opportunity to develop a broad understanding of key economic issues in international affairs and an indepth knowledge of practical European and international business skills and practices.


The Master 2 in Economic Affairs is one of the postgraduate master programs offered by the College of Law, Political Science, Economics and Management of the University of Bordeaux. It is a fulltime international degree taught in English, and designed for recently graduated students as well as for adult students of all ages with a professional background.

The program provides students with an opportunity to develop a broad understanding of key economic issues in international affairs and an in-depth knowledge of practical European and international business skills and practices in a stimulating and enriching international learning environment. What distinguishes the program is its focus on specific European and international trade, financial policies, business transactions and business projects using analytical tools from economics, political science, management, business, and law.

This program is ideal for students who want to deepen their knowledge of international affairs theory and practice, those who aspire to a career in the international arena, those who want to try their hand at developing a business project and eventually launching a start-up, those who wish to add an international dimension to their educational background, those who want to take part in a multicultural experience in a culturally rich and dynamic environment, those who desire to strengthen their proficiency in English or improve their language skills in French.
This program will also enable you to develop a business project and, if you want, to embrace student entrepreneurship by taking part in regional and national competitions and applying for student-entrepreneur status to eventually launch your project and create a company (more at https://www.pepite-france).

Professional skill courses

The goal of the program is to develop a range of marketable skills and competencies needed to carry out functions in international trade (exchange rates risk management, international payments, trading and shipping, international contract law, European market dynamics and specificities, luxury economy…) and intercultural businesses (European populations, leadership, communication…) in an ever-changing environment (innovation, e-economy, environmental issues…).
In this one-year program, you will gain deep insight in essential and present economic topics in international affairs, perform hands-on exercises, whilst mastering valuable and marketable professional and soft skills in an intercultural environment.
The program combines courses in both theory and practice, includes field visits, and focuses on working methods, readings, teamwork, key studies and business development projects based on a design-thinking approach. Courses are designed and delivered by academics from the University of Bordeaux, by visiting professors from partner universities, as well as by professionals from French or international companies.


September to November : DU Affaires économiques européennes

The three-month intensive preparatory program (DU Affaires économiques européennes) is specifically designed for the prospective students of the Master 2 Economic Affairs. It offers intensive elementary-to-advanced language courses in French for international students, intermediate-to-advanced language courses in English for non-native speakers, remedial courses in international and European economics and business knowledge, business trips and access to cultural and intercultural activities and events.

This program is generally a requirement for international candidates whose mother-tongue is not French and/or who did not graduate in economics but want to enroll in the Master 2 Economic Affairs. The three-month intensive preparatory program and the Master 2 program constitute a dual program which comes with specific tuition fees.  


December to the end of April - beginning of May

Courses for the Master 2 Economic Affairs.

Starting in May

Students can choose among three options:

  • a 3-month internship in France or abroad (the internship should be over by August 31st)
  • a master thesis
  • keep working on your business project as a student-entrepreneur with UbeeLab (the university’s student entrepreneurship incubator)


Requirements and recommendations

All applicants must hold:

  • either a 4-year bachelor, or a 3-year bachelor plus a master 1 degree (240 ECTS equivalent) in any field, but preferably in economics, management, business administration, or law
  • demonstrate a clear interest in or commitment to international affairs.

The program is selective and admission is decided according to the diplomas, academic and/or professional background, language skills and the student’s motivation. If necessary, admission may be conditioned to the completion of the three-month intensive preparatory program (DU Affaires économiques européennes) prior to the beginning of the master 2 program.
Please note that as part of the three-month intensive preparatory program, tailored language courses are offered in French (beginners to advanced) and in English (intermediate to advanced).

Modalités de Contrôle des Connaissances et des Compétences (M3C)

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Maquette de la formation

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Syllabus à télécharger


European and international economics

  • Macroeconomic issues
  • European populations
  • International contract law

Strategy and organizations

  • Innovation
  • Luxury economy
  • Trading and shipping

Finance and banking

  • Exchange rates risk
  • International payments

Specific professional skills for business and research environments

  • Communication and research methodology
  • Leadership


European and international economics

  • European markets dynamics and specificities
  • European wine market
  • Intellectual property rights

Strategy and organizations

  • Environmental issues
  • e -Economy

Finance and banking

  • International financial reporting
  • European fiscal issues

Specific professional skills for business and research environments

  • Internship in France or abroad
  • Business development project


The Master in Economic Affairs qualifies students for a broad range of careers in the international business and trade areas, notably in business economics, technology and financial management, and corporate strategy. You will be prepared to work in various environments, in firms engaged in international trade (multinationals, SMEs, family businesses...) where intercultural competencies, in addition to technical ones, are of utmost importance.
With this program, you will be effectively equipped to pursue a high-end career as :

  • Export manager
  • Transnational contracts negotiator
  • Trade manager
  • Customer service manager
  • Area manager
  • International business consultant



Interview in French: Interview with Salomé, a French student.

Other interviews in English are in progress.

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