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International students

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The international dimension is at the heart of our project. Whether you’re looking forward to participate an exchange programme or willing to obtain a relevant degree in the fields of Applied Economics, International Finance or Risk Management, you will find all useful information in that section.

Exchange students

Each year, the Faculty of Economics, Management and Social Administration welcomes between 60 and 90 exchange students from all partners. As a Faculty focused on international strategies through its specialties in Economics, Business Intelligence, Finance and Development, exchange students are welcome to study a wide of range academic disciplines.

Before submitting your application for an exchange programme in our Faculty, your participation must be confirmed by your home University. For further details about how to participate, please contact the International Office (Pessac Campus) of our University.

Language requirements

The bulk of our academic offer is proposed in French, somehow a limited set of courses in English is available. We advise students to have a B1 level of French before arrival, but a B2 level is highly recommended. You will be required to provide a proof of French level while applying.

Registration at the Faculty

Every year, students are used to arrive on early September to attend the “Welcome day”. 

The registration is possible once students have confirmed their arrival and provided the useful documents:

  • a photo ID
  • a passport / CNI
  • EHIC card or International Health insurance scheme with unlimited coverage
  • Civil liability Insurance

All useful information concerning keys dates for next fall are communicated after the application process online is opened.

Academic offer

Students coming in the frame of a partnership in Economics and Management for the Bachelor level or in the frame of Economics for the Master level will find all our academic offer in the documents below :

  • Course guideline
  • Learning agreement
  • Erasmus+ Learning Agreement

Degree-seeking students (BA and MA degrees)

With more than 4000 students, the Faculty of Economics offers a wide variety of academic disciplines. The Undergraduate and Graduate studies propose a well-rounded training and a fulfilling academic experience among various specialities :

  • two Bachelor’s degrees in the frame of Economics, Management, Social Administration
  • seven professional Bachelor’s degrees
  • a "Magistère" degree in Economics and International Finance
  • Six programs of Master studies :
    Development Economics / International Economics / Business Intelligence, Innovation and Territoires / Money, Banking and Finance / Economy of the firm, Market Economics / Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Our department puts the stress on performing guidance into the business world and a counselling support for career paths and trainings. Work placements and study-abroad programs are developed and aimed at enabling students to strengthen their professional and academic experience.

Before applying in one of our degrees, applicants shall refer to the specific requirements for Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees in Economics, Management and Social Administration, and verify our offer is appropriate for their qualifications and academic backgrounds.

French language and requirements

On the way to propose more academic offer in English, our training courses are mostly taught in French; students are entitled to submit a suitable French language certificate for which a B2-level is required.

To uphold these requirements, students can check which certificate or examination best suits to their profile by contacting the “Centre International des Études Pédagogiques” which is the national reference in matters of international studies in France.

Concerning any request of “equivalence” or direct admissions, international applicants are advised to evaluate which courses or specialty are most appropriate for their qualifications and for their academic backgrounds. 

Application through Campus France offices

The University of Bordeaux has signed an agreement in partnership with the Campus France national agency in charge of promoting the French education and research abroad.

In 2017, 37 countries are involved in that framework convention that deploys Centres for Studies in France (Centres pour les Etudes en France) in the whole world.

Applicants who are not EU citizens and who have residence in the partnered countries should process their application by contacting a Campus France local office in French Embassies or Consulates. For the DAP-procedure (Demande d’Admission Préalable), students are invited to contact their office in the partnered countries as well as inside the European Union and outside the network.

Online application process Apoflux

Depending on their country of residence and their situation, applicants who are not living in a CEF country can proceed with their application through our online process from April to May (please consult the calendar). That process includes :

  • EU/EEA citizens
  • Citizens from countries other than partners of Campus France
  • Residents in France
  • Students previously registered in a French University (exc: DELF, University Diplomas )

EU/EEA citizens will need to apply on Parcoursup to access the first year of BA degree.

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